Langham Place - Features & Amenities


Finest Dining Experience with culinary delights!

Langham Place is decked with the world-class dining facility including Michelin Restaurant and other eclectic catering outlets. Guests can enjoy the whole day dining at such elite places of hospitality.


Bliss Lagoon

Encompassed in the blissful ambiance, Pool at Langham Place is decked with palm trees and meandering waters. Relaxing sunbeds, private cabanas, loungers, and other facilities are installed for a pleasurable hospitality in the project.


Enter Into The World of Opulence, Eclectic Design and Sculpted Uniqueness

Its lobby is accredited with world class affluence, incredible architecture and undisputed magnificence. This area of Langham Place is truly crafted with majestic interiors and a unique theme to make it adorable for every visitor.


Some Rituals Just Have To Be Perfect

At Langham Place, Afternoon Tea is the perfect place to restore harmony and enjoy its serenity.


Panoramic Views and Stunning Design!

Select an exquisite suite in 167 units available in Langham Place located in the Downtown Dubai. It is perfectly chiseled with elegant styling and incredible interiors for a lavish living.